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On 25th February 2021 Mr Karl Hopwood gave a useful presentation for Durlston parents about e-safety: Key notes and useful links can be found here:

Parents Handout

Parents Session Notes


Whilst exciting and beneficial both in and out of the context of education, much ICT, particularly web-based resources, are not consistently policed. All users need to be aware of the range of risks associated with the use of these Internet technologies and that some have minimum age requirements, usually 13 years.

At Durlston Court we understand the responsibility to educate our pupils on e-Safety issues; teaching them the appropriate behaviours and critical thinking skills to enable them to remain both safe and legal when using the internet and related technologies, in and beyond the context of the classroom.

Further information for parents on e-Safety can be found in the ICT and e-Safety Information for Parents Leaflet. The Department for Education has also provided some useful advice, Advice for Parents and Carers on Cyberbullying. Another excellent source of information was published for Safer Internet Day Safer Internet Day Information .

You may also find the Child Exploitation and on-line Protection (CEOP) website useful www.ceop.police.uk and the following guide to protecting Child Privacy online Child Privacy Online

Our Acceptable Use Policy/e-Safety Rules are written to ensure that all pupils, staff, governors and visitors using the School’s ICT facilities, do so in a safe and responsible manner.

Further information is available within our e-Safety Policy

Online Safety Guides for Parents & Carers 

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