Inspections & Testimonials
Durlston Court - Preparatory School

Inspections & Testimonials

We are delighted to have received the highest possible rating of Excellent in all areas in our ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) Education Quality Inspection, May 2017.

Key Findings:

  • The quality of the pupils' academic and other achievements is excellent.
  • Pupils have excellent communication and literacy skills which successfully underpin their learning in all areas.
  • Pupils are both highly effective independent and collaborative learners.
  • Pupils achieve strongly in all aspects of school life.
  • Pupils display a consistently exemplary attitude to learning and they are prepared to take initiative.
  • The quality of the pupils' personal development is excellent.
  • Pupils demonstrate high levels of self-confidence, and have a strong and well-developed self-awareness for their age.
  • Pupils are confident decision makers prepared to take responsibility for their own actions.
  • Pupils show excellent standards of behaviour and consideration towards others at all times.
  • Pupils have excellent social skills and make valuable contributions to their school community.

Take a look at our full ISI Inspection Reports

ISI, Focused Compliance Inspection, Durlston Court Preparatory School, November 2021

ISI, Educational Quality Inspection, Durlston Court Preparatory School, May 2017 



What the Inspectors Say...

"Pupils develop high levels of self-understanding, growing into confident, resilient young people who are prepared to take risks, and have huge determination to succeed."


"Pupils have excellent communication skills and are exceptionally articulate"


"Pupils have outstanding attitudes to learning"


"Teachers set high expectations, design imaginative activities to promote learning… "


"Pupils demonstrate high levels of success… in an extremely wide variety of activities including in the creative and performing arts and sport"


"They achieve these successes because of the many and varied opportunities they are given"


"Pupils avidly seize the opportunities provided by teachers to transfer and successfully apply their techniques in well-planned practical situations… "


"The excellent outdoor facilities for learning…, allow many opportunities for quiet reflection and immersion in the natural world whilst learning. "


"Pupils are encouraged to show curiosity, to experiment and conduct research with open minds and creativity. "


"Pupils in Pre-Prep are able to understand complex concepts for their age. "


"Pupils are confident decision makers and respond positively to tasks where independent thinking is required. "


"[Pupils] maintain extremely high levels of focus, enthusiasm and determination to succeed, participating well in self-initiated tasks."

What Our Parents Say...

Parental Survey 2021

Strengths of Durlston...

"The focus on development of the whole child rather than just academic development."

"Small classes, personable staff, great sports and fabulous grounds. The school recognises the individuality and capabilities of each child."

"The sense of support, community and inclusion that the children feel - far beyond just school work. The school has an incredibly friendly atmosphere."

"Instilling confidence and good manners, helping the children to be the best they can be."

"Over the past year my child’s resilience and self confidence has soared. All of the sports and concerts have been amazing for his self confidence."

"Our daughter has hugely grown in confidence since joining Durlston, she is proud to be part of the school and wants to do her best. This seems to be a very natural part of school life."

 "One of the most wonderful things I have seen is how supportive the children are of each other."

"The school provides an environment where children are encouraged to take risks and learn by their mistakes."

"Durlston has given our son the chance to mature at his own pace in a very safe environment… going through puberty can be challenging, it’s been very reassuring for him to grow into a young man within the security of Durlston."

"Durlston is an exceptional school and we are proud to be able to tell people our child attends this school."


What the Children Say...

"There are lots of places to go. I really like the Art Room, the Reef and the Astro."

"I love it here because I get to do Sport everyday!"

"Every one of the teachers know me and they are all lovely!"

"I joined in Year 7. I quickly made new friends and learned so many new things. This has given me the confidence to try new things."

"Durlston makes me smile every day!"

"Durlston has taught me that you should never give up. You can achieve whatever you want if you work hard and persevere."

“The senior years at Durlston taught me independence and gave me confidence. All my teachers worked hard to get me ahead and fully prepared for an academic scholarship to KES at Year 9”

"The senior years at Durlston gave me the time to mature and gave me the confidence and self-esteem, preparing me for the big wide world of my next school."


Other testimonials

“Durlston pupils are extremely well prepared for life at senior school and have been excellent contributors, flourishing in many academic and co-curricular areas.”

Director of Admissions, Canford School

"With a strong academic record and close family feel, it’s quite the badge of honour to get your kids in here."

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